Our friendly staff are always dedicated to providing you with the highest levels of service.
After-hours service
A 24-hour / 7 days per week after-hours reservation assistance service is available.

Traveller profile
Our system maintains a complete profile of all your travellers' travel preferences, so they always get their preferred meal, favourite seat on the plane and frequent-flyer points.

We also maintain details of their passport and visas so they avoid problems at passport control.

Company profile policy
Our travel management system is also programmed to adhere to your company's travel policies, for example:

  • preferred airlines and class of travel
  • preferred domestic airfare level
  • policies on accommodation
  • preferred hotels in cities regularly visited
  • car rental preferences
  • credit card details or travel account

    Confirmation numbers
    Confirmation numbers for car and hotel bookings are automatically recorded on itineraries and emailed to the traveller.

    Quality systems
    Over 160 automated system checks ensure that your travel arrangements are completed accurately. All international tickets are checked twice by two consultants.

    Efficient and quick turn-around for changes in travel arrangements

    It's a fact: 95% of Travel Together's clients require multiple changes prior and during their travel arrangements. Our systems are designed to accommodate changes quickly and efficiently.

    All domestic tickets are e-tickets, and we use international e-tickets whenever possible. E-tickets are emailed directly to the traveller or the travel coordinator.

    Paper tickets will be delivered to your company by courier - free of charge within the metropolitan area. All bookings are made and confirmed to your company by email.

    Travel Documents
    Chronological itineraries and e-tickets are provided by email for each booking, with itineraries emailed in PDF, HTML or text formats.

    E-tickets and lost tickets
    Lost ticket applications are processed immediately. We also maintain an unused e-ticket register to ensure all e-ticket credits are used within the qualifying period.

    Visas and passports
    Our service includes processing and information on the documentation required for international itineraries booked:

  • passport applications for most countries
  • passport renewal amendments, new pages needed
  • visa processing of both business and tourist itineraries
  • assistance with emergency and compassionate visa requirements
  • recommendation of apec cards to expedite customs and immigration
  • assistance with visas required while travelling outside australia
  • All passport details and current visas are recorded in the traveller's Tramada profile. Warning emails will automatically advise the traveller if their passport or visa is due for renewal.

    International Services
    Information on customs and health regulations, climate, time zones and local customs can be obtained by travellers from Sabre Virtually There.

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