Having someone else organise your staff's travel arrangements might seem like introducing a middleman - so won't that make it all more expensive? Well no actually. To find out why read on .....

Think about how much it costs your company to have staff phoning around or trawling the internet for cheap fares or hotel bargains, continually re-entering names, dates, personal preferences and everything else.

As travel experts who know the industry inside out, we can do everything more efficiently and provide visibility and transparency for your CFO.

We can still offer you those last-minute fares, or we might recommend paying more for something more flexible. We can work out whether it would be cheaper to stay with a hotel chain or join that car-hire company's loyalty program. We'll implement and build your company's travel policies, maintain staff profiles, negotiate better rates, alert you to special deals. And best of all, when it comes to financial management, we can give you a full breakdown of who's spent what at the end.


OPTEM is only available to our clients
Travel Together's Optimisation Process for Travel Expenditure Management (OPTEM) is our biggest asset. It will improve the speed and efficiency of your travel arrangements at every stage, from booking to payment. And it does this continuously, so it's always looking for ways to save you time and money.

Switching to us is easy
Travel Together's systems have been designed for effortless implementation, so the transition to TT management will be painless. When we're set up, we operate almost like a department of your company, fitting seamlessly into your accounting structure.

No contracts, no risk
If you don't like what we're doing, you have no obligation to keep using us. However, the vast majority of the clients we've taken on have stayed with us. And they're very complimentary, too.

You'll have your very own travel consultant
Whenever you call us, you'll always speak to the same person. Unless you call out of hours - we offer 24-hour service, but your consultant has to sleep sometime. Your consultant is not paid any hidden commissions, and in fact earns bonuses for saving you money.

We're part of the Travelscene American Express network
This means you can get help locally in 138 countries from one of the 2000 Travelscene offices worldwide. Travelscene also has unmatched buying power to get you the best deals.

We're in the Qantas Platinum Club
One of only 100 members, we get access to the Qantas Platinum booking agency with, among other benefits, preferential access to waitlists.

For more information, please call us on 1300 656199.
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